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Monsters named Whatif

Daddys scary monsters.

Daddy's scary monsters.

I guess everybody has monsters named Whatif in his mind. What if I am not good enough, what if I won’t succeed, what if everything will go wrong, what if I won’t any money from my art, what if, what if, what if … Continue reading »

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Little bit of this, little bit of that

Me and my first trip to winery ...

Me and my first trip to winery ...

Remember me? It’s me Sofija and in exactly 12 days I’ll be 6 months. I made my first 3-days trip with my parents, brother and friends to Brda. My mommy was worried how will I prove myself with this huge change and tiresome schedule and now she sees everything is just fine. I like to travel as brother, daddy and mommy do :). And this weekend we are going to Prekmurje for extended weekend. I tell you – life is very busy right now, indeed. Continue reading »

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P.s. on style and influences

Is this really mine or just influential thing?

Is this really mine or just influential thing?

O.k. I have to say this thing about style really make me think. And it provided a taughtful conversation with my husband which I enjoyed very much, cause during the day we are often limited with conversation about the kids and errands. Continue reading »

Style issues

I love etnic, free, naive art as a sort of pattern.

I love etnic, free, naive art as a sort of pattern.

O.k. I would really appreciate some help here. I’ve been dealing with this problem for quite a time now, bother different artists with  questions, tried many things to see where I feel most comfortable … Yes, I do have style issues. Continue reading »

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It has been a long but productive time …

I admit – it has been a looong, looong time, since I wrote last post. So long that I even don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s best just to mention few highlights and than explain little by little as time goes  by … Continue reading »

Friday memory: Last Friday …

Just 2 of us on Friday night.

Just 2 of us on a Friday night.

… was amazing. Uroš and I went to a dinner. I can’t remember when we had a date! Really can’t! It was sooo long that my mascara went dry as I found out when I wanted to put some make-up on … Continue reading »

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In the relationship

My painting journey with Mati and Lisa has come to an end for now (impatiently waiting for part 2 in September). It was THE COURSE. Continue reading »

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Magic 3

On a day I turned 3 :)

On a day I turned 3 🙂

Peakabooo! Last week I complete 3 magical months of my life. Continue reading »

Friday memory: Around, around we go!

Really beautiful calender I got for a gift.

Really beautiful calender I got for a gift.

Last week we abundantly planed our spring and summer breaks. I am so happy I could dance all over the place! Why? If  I think in detail we weren’t on real vacation since our honeymoon 5 years ago. We always planned our trips that we could  unite them with our work. As a family we were bounded on long weekends or 5 days max.

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Out of the comfort zone! Way out …

Everything is going on on our kitchen desk.

Everything is happening on and around our kitchen desk.

As some of you know I am taking this painting class Get Your Paint On with Mati and Lisa. On the course we were suggested that it’s good to leave your comfort zone. This is the way the learning begins. Continue reading »

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Friday memory: I commit!

Few weeks ago I run on this drawing I made more than quarter of  a century ago. I painted my sister (yes, sis, that’s you!).

The portrait of my sister I painted more than 25 years ago 🙂

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Slowly back on track

Our official "we have a baby" card 🙂

Hi, I am 10 weeks today, yipeee … And my mum says things are getting back to normal. Continue reading »

“Unfearing” the fears

For years and years I was burdened by the fact that I didn’t go to an art school. To be honest –  I wasn’t allowed to. My parents were very strict about that and I was told they won’t support poor artist. Period! I know now that they meant good (though I needed years to remodel this). We lived in comunist regime where artists were not exactly »productive« memebers of sociality and they knew some almost starving talented souls …

  • Though I am secretly proud that I managed to sit and paint still life I also think that painting objects in front of you is a little bit boring … Continue reading »
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Bye madness, hello calmness

Yes, it’s true, I am officially 6 weeks old  and I got a little something to share today too! It’s about holidays, Christmas, New Year and all the buzz connect with this season.

Oh, my, when my mum sings ...

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If I think deeply …

Ok. I am 5 weeks old today. Hooray for me and of course for my “old ones” who are eagerly try to figure what I need or what I don’t need at all 🙂 … Not to forget my big brother Tim from whom my mummy runs every time I raise the voice … In my deepest toughts ... Continue reading »

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100 kisses for Christmas!

Best wishes

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Updatet portfolio

Oh, I am so glad that I can finally share widened portfolio here. These paintings really represented very special time in my life, where our family and me went trough quite some changes. Round ones: some acrylic on canvas and inks and watercolor on paper. Continue reading »

Friday memory: … on earth as it is in heaven …

I am totally proud of this photo I took long time ago on Djerba. That was a just perfect day when my darling took me on a trip with a moped around the island. We were so happy and playful and enjoyed every moment of that day. And all of the sudden – there it was – the most peaceful  view … Continue reading »

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New inspiration

Hi, everyone, I am Sofija and today I am exactly 3 weeks old.
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In loved

This year I am inloved with this ...

This year I am in loved with this ...

Yesterday we got visit from our very good friends who we don’t see very often, but we are always connected … And some things said on this visit just fettered my mind and they just don’t go away… They could be such a relief in those self doubt moments. These words came from a guy who was in computer business for a long time and he was kind of pioneer and co-founder of a very big computer firm in Slovenia. Continue reading »

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