Petra Kern

Talents are a gift to life. They are invaluable. One cannot buy them, lend them, or lose them. Talents are a value given with a purpose, thus worthy of respect. Who throws away their own talents, loses himself in the end. The more one considers them, recognises them, and lives with them, the closer one is to the purpose for which one exists.
Tomaz Humar, Slovene Alpinist

There are some principles I try to follow in life. For example, to look after one’s health. To say thanks if I get something from someone. Or, for instance, to take care of the environment. To wish people well and be nice to them. That family is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to you and hence cannot be underestimated. And I certainly cannot ignore the principle not to neglect talents.

Since I was a little girl I have dreamed to make useful objects more beautiful and meaningful. My love for patterns became more real when I found out that I could teach myself to do them and when I found a community with the same love – love for pattern and design. With that in mind I packed my suitcases in October 2011 and flew to Minnesota and got my art in front of big names of industry for textile design, paper design and gift industry. It was an encouraging experience, so I decided never stop learning and this became another principle of mine.

In 2012 I accepted an invitation to be a part of A Fresh Bunch designers and enrolled Surface Pattern Design Course with Rachel Taylor and actually start design what’s in my head and in my heart. I would love to paint your life too!



Petal To Petal, November 2012 Petal To Petal, November 2012 Sweet Sprout, November 2012
Rachael Taylor Petal To Petal Sweet Sprout
januar 2013 November 2012  November 2012
Nice & Fancy, Oktober 2012 The Moon From my Attic, July 2012 Lisa Magazine, March 2012
Nice & Fancy The Moon From my Attic Lisa Magazine
Oktober 2012  July 2012 March 2012
Do What You Love, March 2012 Dom in Stil, Februar 2012 Pepermint, June 2011
Do What You Love Dom in Stil Pepermint
March 2012 Februar 2012 June 2011
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