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Is this really mine or just influential thing?

Is this really mine or just influential thing?

O.k. I have to say this thing about style really make me think. And it provided a taughtful conversation with my husband which I enjoyed very much, cause during the day we are often limited with conversation about the kids and errands. He pointed out now that I am learning and exploring it is useless that I take so much taughts and cares about questioning myself if the art is to much other artist alike. When I’ll learn a techniques my style will eventually shine trough.  And I strongly agree with that and it’s similar what Jacqueline wrote in her comment here. I sometimes become really anxious when I see so much influences that I immediately recognize – Flora Bowleys and Jesse Renos styles are wildly popular now and of course there are Kelly Rae Roberts and Anahata Katkin. I also recognize Kim Parker from time to time 🙂 Could we say that it’s just a flow like it was impressionism for example (where the style was so recognizable) or we are just unconsciously copying each other. Can we develop our own style from influences?

I was a little bit shocked when I saw this and I was wondering if that is true for advertisers it is also true for artists …


P.s. Thanky Wini, I felt such a relief when I read your comment. I found out that I want to be commercial artist for making money and established one for my hobby 🙂

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  1. alex colombo March 14, 2012 at 02:21 #

    In fact you have a beautiful style and your art is very inspiring! I will email you separately but your work is wonderful, so you know 🙂 ~Alex

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