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My painting journey with Mati and Lisa has come to an end for now (impatiently waiting for part 2 in September). It was THE COURSE. You know – that kind that you actually enjoy participating. I have to say I took home assignments very serious – paint them on time and sometimes even two for one assignment.  The effort sure paid off. Big time. Maybe not so on technique knowledge (the theory was finely dosed by instructors), but it changes my whole perspective to painting. I seriously develop relationship  with every single painting I made for an e-course. Maybe I grew relationship with my works before, but I never consciously recognize or explore them. Or name them. It was like with the people you meet: sometimes you just love them, sometimes you struggle with them, sometimes you just don’t like them and you don’t want to be around them … My biggest surprise was when two of my paintings I  didn’t like at all was praised by other participants or instructors. So life like – sometimes you like someone or something and the others don’t and inversely. I just wonder how is this by other artist? Do they know if painting will be successful? What do they to with works that nobody really likes, just them? These relationships are complicated! Without exception.

Week 1 – We supposed to paint a painting inspired by Gee’s Bend. I liked first one, second one not so much. But I think others liked second one better.

Week 2 – we had to choose your own artist for inspiration. That was first time I’ve heard for layering (I’m not kidding) and I had a blast trying this technique. My inspiration were Flora Bowley and Kim Parker.

Week 3 –  Color mixing. Ok, the theme was my theme. I love mixing colors. But surprisingly I don’t like this painting. At all. I struggled with it enormously.

Week 4 – composition. I think I was so occupied with theory that I really struggled with first one I that I named Dreaming on a pink cloud. I was so unsatisfied with it that I painted another one. The inspiration was a garden dwarf which belonged to my grandfather.

Week 5 – final week. We have to finish a painting we started. I had this round canvas where I practiced layers and it was painted baby blue which I didn’t really like. I changed and deepen the background and paint Secret garden. I love this one. Really proud of it and I connected with it immediately. Like I said – those relationships.

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  1. Katja Zagorc March 8, 2011 at 12:20 #

    Pismo si dobra!
    Kapo dol, bi reku Katanc 🙂

    Lp vsem,


  2. pretty day March 8, 2011 at 15:56 #

    This is a great post! I love seeing all the paintings together. I really love your dwarf painting. It is so cheerful and bright- really makes me smile! -vivian

  3. Diana March 9, 2011 at 06:32 #

    I have to agree with you. Sometimes you just know something is good and others will agree. And then there are those pieces that surprise you when you don’t care for them and other people love them. Is it because they were a struggle and your frustration effects your relationship with the piece? Sometimes I find it best to put it away for a while and pull it out another time. The real bad ones will stay bad.

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