Slowly back on track

Our official "we have a baby" card ­čÖé

Hi, I am 10 weeks today, yipeee … And my mum says things are getting back to normal. I don’t know what does she mean by that – for me everything I do is totally normal. Maybe she means by that that I am great night sleeper and I can sleep 9- 10 hours through the night. My naps during the day are quite generous too, so my mummy slowly started to think about other things besides her family. Here they are in short:

  • She started to draw and paint new patterns.
Thinking on expanded pattern collection.

Thinking of expanded pattern collection.

  • She┬á got a delivery of blank “tree panels” for painting she really waited for a long time, cause she couldn’t find a joinery which would have right machines to cut them. I think she will tell you that by herself in next blog post.
  • She joined this painting e-course. Maybe she will share some of her home assignments here …
  • She went shopping and got us big Oilily bag. See how fancy we will be when we actually will go somewhere (I tell you – this weather here is not very kind for babys) :)?

    Me and our latest catch ...

Ok. see you later very soon, I’ll let her to tell you the rest by herself this week. Aaaah, I am very sleepy now, so I guess it’s time to get a nap …

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  1. Katarina February 1, 2011 at 14:05 #

    ┼Żivjo Petra!
    Redno berem tvoj blog in mi je res v┼íe─Ź…:), prav tako tvoje delo, najbolj v┼íe─Ź sta mi pa tvoja dva otro─Źka…res fletna (no sej mata dobre gene, a ne?!)…lepo se imejte, pa veliko ustvarjalnih uric ti ┼żelim!


    P.S. Na┼í najmlaj┼íi Miha je 6 dni mlaj┼íi od Sofije…I know what you mean with bad weather for babys :(… but spring is coming…

    • Petra Kern February 1, 2011 at 20:35 #

      Ja, to pa je presene─Źenje :). ┼Żivjo, Katarina. Ja, tudi tebi/vam ─Źestitke. Potem pa je ─Źist mo┼żno, da smo bile v istem ─Źasu v ljubljanski porodni┼ínici ­čśë je mo┼żno, da ima┼í ┼że 3? samo preverjam, ─Źe so uro┼íove info to─Źne.
      bodite lepo in ─Źakamo pomlad, a ne?

  2. wini February 11, 2011 at 00:59 #

    Congrats on your new baby!! She looks adorable! Your paintings look very lovely too. Hope you are enjoying class!

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