Friday memory: … on earth as it is in heaven …

I am totally proud of this photo I took long time ago on Djerba. That was a just perfect day when my darling took me on a trip with a moped around the island. We were so happy and playful and enjoyed every moment of that day. And all of the sudden – there it was – the most peaceful  view … Maybe the shot is not perfect technically but it perfectly catches the moment where sky kisses the earth and shows us there is no borders and no limits – that everything is part of Universe … It is such a calmly and soothing one – everything is connected … The sky is just reflection in the see, the perfect reflection.

I think about this universal law a lot lately as I am trying to figure why certain things are happening to me and my family. What do I think or what am I not to reflect certain occurrences in life. And what on Earth I have to learn about our and my health that this year we are constantly reminded on it? Well I will keep thinking …

But the photo is nice, isn’t it?

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  1. beba June 2, 2011 at 14:52 #

    Oo, popolno popolna fotka!

    Mir in ljubezen!

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