Friday memory: The sweetest thing

I wanted to share something special today and it’s about the starting whole my own page thing. I hope it will be short and sweet. Because it was the sweetest gift from my husband …

O.k. – this is my man. He’s name is Uros and he is a photographer. This photo was taken when he shoot me for my web page( and he agreed that I must took one photo of him too). Have you noticed the snow? This is because it was taken in January (2010). Yes! It took nine more months to actually have a page. Let me explain. My hubby took up the challenge and promised  he will make the design for my web page. Without any web designing skills!!! And I knew he would be the best man for the job – after all he really knows me  … I like to see my web page as one »living« proof of dedication and persistence.

Khm, this was the first lay out. I know, I know. Very odd, very strange. We really didn’t know what we were doing. One day my darling just quit and … Start all over again.

And that was the second one. Little better and if my impatience would won that would be it. Luckily he didn’t let me to do that and he started all over. Till September 13th when we proudly and happy announced the born of our web page …

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  1. Sonya McCllough October 4, 2010 at 14:30 #

    super excited about the launch of your website!

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